Through one server, 50 AGV can be controlled at the same time, and the server can control maximum128 stations by horizontal expansion. It can manage AGV transport, warehouse location and material storage. The system ensures that the material is delivered to the workstation in the most accurate way at the most accurate time.



Technical Characteristics

  • 标准的外部接口,完全与WMS、ERP、MES匹配

           The standard external interface is completely matched with WMS, ERP and MES.

  • 匹配最新Windows系统运行,NET平台采用SQL/Oracle数据服务器

           Running in the latest Windows system , the NET platform uses SQL/Oracle data server

  • 配置图形编辑器,可在编辑器上更改布局,可进行离线设计

          Graphic editor configurated, you can change the layout on the editor and design offline.

  • 支持远程/本地AGV诊断,支持2.4G/5G网络

           Supports remote / local AGV diagnostics and support 2.4G/5G networks

  • 支持多种外部数据采集设备,光电传感器,条形码,二维码,RFID和编码器等

          Supports a variety of external data acquisition equipment, photoelectric sensor, bar code, two-dimensional code, RFID and encoder, etc.