专门针对AGV应用场景设计的控制器,集成了AGV的大部分功能,便于客户使用,维修与控制。广泛应用在磁条导航 /双向磁条导航/双舵轮导航/激光控制/二维码导航等多种AGV使用场景

A controller designed specifically for AGV application scenarios integrates most of the functions of AGV to facilitate customer use, maintenance and control. Widely used in magnetic stripe navigation / bidirectional magnetic stripe navigation / dual steering wheel navigation / laser control / two-dimensional code navigation and other AGV scenarios.



  • 按照工业级质量标准设计,性能稳定可靠

           Designed according to the industrial quality standard, the performance is stable and reliable.

  • 功耗低,体积小,集成度高,尤其适合移动机器人使用

           Low power consumption, small size and high integration, especially for mobile robots.

  • 集运动控制和机器人控制于一体,采用非线性及PID算法,实现高动态响应,高精度速度及位置控制

           Integrating movement control and robot control, nonlinear and PID algorithm is adopted to achieve high dynamic response, high precision speed and position control.

  • 支持高速GPIO及辅助编码器扩展

          It supports high speed GPIO and auxiliary encoder extension

  • 集成以太网、USB2.0、CANbus、RS485及RS232接口

          Integrated Ethernet, USB2.0, CANbus, RS485 and RS232 interface

  • 支持上位机实时监测曲线,方便测试,并实现固件和软件的在线升级。

          It supports real-time monitoring of PC curves, facilitates testing and realizes firmware and software online upgrading.